We understand that there are many parts to a successful business, let us help with the details.




We understand the importance of getting your business contracts set up the right way. That is why our team has exceptional skills to assist you in the creation of leases, supply contracts, manufacturing contracts, banking and more. 


Mergers and Aquisitions

We know that the process of buying and selling can be confusing. Our team of experts will assist you every step of the way in order for you to get you your desired result.


Employment Issues

Our team can help you with the process of stock appreciation as well as non-compete agreements to ensure that you and/or your employees are protected for the future.




Financing contracts are a tool used by companies that operate by contractually agreeing to perform services or produce products for a specific project or event. Frequently, the contract specifies the partial payments you’ll receive as your invoice for the completed portions of the work. The arrangement allows companies to avoid waiting months to, potentially, receive payments on invoices they submit directly to the customer.


General Business and Corporate


Our corporate and business practice includes working with companies all over the world in a range of industries including technology, construction, real estate development, software, architecture, alcohol and beverages, sports and entertainment, healthcare and fitness, telecommunications, retail, finance, manufacturing, fashion, and e-commerce.

Our corporate attorneys can assist you with a myriad of corporate and business issues including:

  • Business entity selection and the differences between LLCs, corporations, and choices of incorporation
  • Securities and exemptions
  • Venture capital and raising funding
  • Corporate and LLC restructuring and reorganization
  • Corporate governance and corporate minute books
  • Stock-redemption
  • Private equity
  • International business
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Labor and employment compliance
  • Intellectual property
  • Technology transactions
  • Corporate audits
  • Real estate transactions
  • LLC and corporate dissolution and liquidation
  • Executive compensation and employment agreements


Our corporate and business team have experience representing businesses of all sizes in a wide range array of industries. From small family-owned construction businesses to multimillion-dollar technology companies, our corporate lawyers are poised to provide your company with practical business counsel.

Corporate and Business Litigation


Commercial disputes are complicated. They often involve complex business transactions, contracts, and more often than not, numerous parties. These disputes are some of the most difficult cases to litigate due to the voluminous number of exhibits and documents that must be collected, sifted through, summarized and presented to the court. Our business litigation law firm can help you make sense of these complexities.

Apart from the complexity of the facts, prevailing contractual law and remedies, especially under the uniform commercial code, are often misunderstood and misapplied. Businesses not appropriately advised by a competent breach of contract litigation lawyer can overestimate the net value of their case or inadvertently expose their company to unnecessary liability. Certain situations may require a non-breaching party to take action to mitigate damages. In other instances, breaching parties can take a number of steps to mitigate potential liability by offering viable alternatives to its performance under a contract.

An experienced business litigation lawyer is necessary to navigate the complexity of Michigan and Federal procedures, discovery processes, and other deadlines and obligations. Our commercial litigation lawyer has appeared in various courts throughout Michigan in business disputes.

If your business has a potential dispute, it is never too early to involve a business litigation law firm in Grand Rapids to provide competent legal advice and representation. Involving competent business litigation attorneys from the outset of a dispute often leads to a quicker (and believe it or not) cheaper resolution. This is because most cases settle before a lawsuit is filed or early in the litigation process.

Generally, most lawsuits are set on a one-year case schedule. Thus, in most cases, a litigant will not get its day in court until at least one year after filing a lawsuit. The twelve months preceding trial are filled with a series of written motions, usually asking the court for some type of judgment prior to trial, as well as requesting and exchanging information and documents during the discovery process. This is the reason litigating any case can ultimately cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. In a commercial litigation context, the cost of litigation often provides an incentive for both parties to engage in early settlement negotiations or mediation. Cases with a significant amount of money at issue are more likely to proceed to trial since the reward may be vastly greater than the legal costs.



  • Contractual disputes, including:
    • Technology and intellectual property disputes
    • Construction and renovation contracts
    • Mechanics’ liens
    • Employment contractual disputes
    • Real estate contracts
    • Commercial lease disputes
    • Defending claims under consumer sales laws, including the Consumer Sales Practices Act and the Home Solicitation Sales Act
    • Business ownership and partnership disputes
    • Other general contracts for goods and services


Whether your company is pursuing a lawsuit or defending itself against one, our business litigation attorneys bring a practical, bottom-line approach to resolving complex business disputes.

Achieving your goals often requires understanding and explaining complicated legal, technical, and factual issues. As accomplished litigators and trial lawyers, we combine our creative problem-solving and courtroom experience to successfully represent companies of all sizes, from locally-based startups to large publicly-traded businesses and international corporations.

Our attorneys have deep experience in a wide variety of industries and handle complex business disputes and claims including:

  • Breach of contract/breach of warranty
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Healthcare issues
  • Insurance coverage
  • Business torts (unfair and deceptive trade practices, unfair competition)
  • Business divorces
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Unfair competition
  • Unfair and deceptive trade practices
  • Subpoena compliance

Frequently Asked Business Questions

What is business litigation?

Business litigation mostly entails disputes related to or stemming from business transactions between individuals or companies. The essence of business disputes involves some kind of contract (oral, written, or statutory obligations) that could arise from a tenancy, a sale of goods or sale of services.

What are the different factors that encompass business litigation?

If the dispute arises from a contract, the parties must have had a meeting of the minds as to what promises have been made, the amount that will be paid for services or products, and what went wrong with the deal they made. Sometimes the dispute centers on the quality of the product delivered, or the failure to pay on the contract. There are many ways in which business disputes arise, but if one side feels that they have been cheated, contacting a lawyer will probably result in resolution faster than trying to work out the dispute without the assistance of counsel.

Why is it crucial to hire an attorney for business litigation?

Once retained, your lawyer will begin working with you immediately to resolve your legal issue. Part of this work is determining the right mechanism or process for you. Depending on your legal issue, a wide range of resolution options may be available spanning from agreement (where you are fully engaged in a decision) to an outcome determined by a third-party (private arbitrator or court.) Your lawyer will work with you to select the best course of action and support you throughout every step of the process.