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Watch out for these 4 aspects of co-parenting

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Child Custody |

Children are usually happiest when both of their parents are in their lives. Michigan family law courts prefer joint child custody to allow parents an equal involvement in their child’s life. Creating a co-parenting plan reduces conflict in raising children as a divorced couple.

Taking turns

It’s important to respect each other’s time with the child. Calling and texting them too frequently often upsets the other parent. You might want to negotiate terms on checkups in your co-parenting plan to prevent conflict. Everyone has a different perspective. Some people see it as no big deal, whereas others find it too suffocating. They might perceive it as you trying to interfere with their quality time.


Children have a higher chance of healthy emotional and mental development when parents operate based on the same rules. Strive to have the same expectations for behavior and methods of discipline.

Conflict resolution

Regardless of how much thought you put into your plan, you could one day have an unexpected disagreement. Co-parenting plans should thus have a section on conflict resolution. This outlines how you and the other parent will resolve disputes.

Mental health

Some children go through mental health issues when their parents divorce. They may experience depression, anxiety or anger problems. Catching their mental health decline early on could prevent it from developing into a psychological disorder. If you notice that they’re struggling to cope with the divorce, you may want to take them to a therapist.

Don’t forget about your own mental health. You might need to lean on a licensed professional to get yourself through the pain of a divorce.

When the parents are at peace with each other, children are also able to be at ease. It’s stressful for kids to watch their parents fight, even after a divorce. Finding a middle ground through a written co-parenting plan helps improve the situation for everyone.