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From residential to commercial, our experts are ready and able to assist you in all of your real estate needs, down to every critical detail.

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Commercial Real Estate

Our experience extends to:

  • Drafting or thoroughly reviewing all commercial real estate contracts and other documents required for your sale, purchase, or other types of property transfer
  • Efficiently and accurately closing sales of properties ranging from multi-family residential dwellings to retail and office complexes, and from individual businesses to large buildings and development plots
  • Advising and representing investors who are branching out from residential to commercial property
  • Providing complete counsel on all aspects of commercial leasing
  • Completing the setup of appropriate business entities, including limited liability companies (LLCs) for operators and investors
  • Handling a full range of real estate litigation  when disputes arise between lenders and borrowers, investment partners, landlords and tenants, or other interested parties

Through strong preparation and diligence, we strive to avoid any problems that could complicate your transaction or cause problems afterward. We are versed in the complexities of specialized documents including:

  • Real estate appraisals, survey reports, feasibility studies, and EPA studies
  • Bank mortgages, refinancing documents, and other critical financial documents

Residential Real Estate

We serve many longstanding clients and receive a number of referrals from clients we have helped in the past. Whether you are a first-time buyer or seasoned professional, we will:

  • Assess and explain all the legal and financial aspects of your pending transaction, offering helpful guidance on your risks and options
  • Prepare and execute all documents necessary for your transaction, often including deeds of trust, owner-financed documentation, various closing documents, the buy-sell agreement/contract, and title insurance documents

Real Estate Litigation

Our law firm is prepared to advise and represent you in seeking the best possible resolution to virtually any type of real estate dispute. From ownership disputes and financial disputes involving investors, landlord-tenant disputes to collections matters, we have solid insight and perspective gained over decades of active, focused legal work.

  • If you are facing or considering real estate litigation, please contact us now. We know West Michigan residential and commercial real estate from decades of experience and immersion in the current market. We have the real estate litigation experience to effectively prosecute or defend your claim. Our capabilities include:
  • Handling commercial landlord-tenant disputes and other lease disputes
  • Prosecuting investor deficiencies on behalf of lenders
  • Filing lawsuits to collect debts
  • Pursuing workouts, loan modifications, short sales, deed-in-lieu transactions, and foreclosure proceedings to protect lenders’ interests
  • Recovering disputed earnest money
  • Defending property against a wide range of claims against your ownership interests, whether they arise from title disputes, contract disputes, or other problems

Skilled, Insightful Counsel To Help You Make Sound Decisions And Follow Through

Our clients include buyers, sellers, lenders, investors, and real estate professionals, as well as business owners, lessors and tenants. We bring extensive legal and financial knowledge to the table when analyzing your situation, identifying and explaining legal options, and helping you make the most beneficial and practical course of action.

Real estate litigation is often costly for everyone involved. It is essential to work with a lawyer you trust to review all options, evaluate costs and risks, and help you make a sound, value-conscious decision about filing a lawsuit — or the best ways to defend one. At Rutgers Law Firm, you can count on us, to be honest, and open about what makes sense in your specific situation.



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