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Helping You Make The Hard Decisions

Divorce is never easy. It involves a lot of hard decisions that affect your relationships with your children and extended family, finances and daily life. No one can ever fully prepare for the toll a divorce extracts.
As an attorney with decades of experience in this and other areas of law, I know what you are going through. I am here to help. Call 616-577-9770 to set up a consultation with me at my Grand Rapids office to discuss what you need.

Get Divorce Guidance That Is Tailored To Your Needs

While there are common factors in most divorces, every divorce has its own dynamics and unique issues. Over the course of a career that has spanned 30 years, I have assisted with divorces that are relatively straightforward, and divorces that have challenges and complexities involved. I have extensive experience with a wide range of concerns including:

  • Dividing marital property
  • Dividing marital debt
  • Spousal support agreements
  • Child support agreements
  • Child custody arrangements
  • High net worth divorce and business owner divorce
I understand that at certain phases of the divorce process, tempers and emotions can escalate. Whenever possible, I work to negotiate and I routinely act as a mediator for divorce cases. Negotiation is typically the most effective way to resolve family law issues. I also understand that not every issue and certainly not every divorce can be negotiated. In these instances, I am prepared to litigate.

What Steps Do I Need To Take To Get A Divorce In Michigan?

First, set up a consultation with a family law attorney to determine the scope of your issues and establish your desired outcome. If you work with me, I will explain the process and the paperwork. I offer one-on-one legal guidance and representation so you will never be handed off to a paralegal or junior attorney. I work with you through every step of the process.

Get In Touch To Take The Next Step

I know that you have questions. The best way to get answers to your specific questions is to arrange a consultation. Call my office at 616-577-9770. You can also reach me via this website’s contact form.