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Divorce and special needs children

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2023 | Divorce |

Statistically, married couples in Michigan with special needs children have higher divorce rates than the general married population. While special needs children are beloved family members, parenting them presents extra challenges, and that can translate to stress on the marriage and family unit.

If the marriage does end in divorce, the divorce experience itself will then have its own hurdles as a result of the special needs child. You’ll need to make certain accommodations and arrangements to ensure your child has proper support.

Financial challenges

Going through a divorce almost always presents new financial stresses and considerations for any couple. But this can be especially true if you share a special needs child. After all, special needs children often require care and supplies that can very quickly become expensive. Usually, money will be tighter after a divorce for both parties.

It’s crucial to start a divorce proceeding and negotiation with the understanding that your special needs child’s care is a high priority and that each party needs to make whatever sacrifices necessary to safeguard them.

Non-financial challenges

While finances can often be top of mind, divorce with a special needs child can present a range of other challenges as well.

One common issue can be that parents don’t necessarily agree about all aspects of their special needs child’s care. This disagreement can sometimes be a major contributor to divorce.

If parents aren’t on the same page, it’s generally necessary to involve a medical professional or another expert in the field. This expert can be the arbiter and final decision-maker regarding contentious parenting issues.

Beyond that, it’s also important to make sure that any parenting plan you create takes full consideration of the extra obligations taking care of your special needs child requires.

Divorcing as the parents of a special needs child presents unique challenges. As a result, you’ll need to put the care and accommodation of your special needs child at the forefront of your post-divorce planning.