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To effectively move forward after a divorce, consider downsizing

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Divorce |

Michigan couples who are planning a divorce are frequently unsure of what their lives will look like after their marriage is over. Since moving on can be hard, downsizing is one strategy that many advocate.

Tips for downsizing following a divorce

Downsizing has financial, personal and emotional benefits. Knowing how to do it efficiently is essential.

Shopping might have been cathartic and enjoyable during the marriage, but with a new lifestyle and needs, buying less and retaining items that are absolute necessities can be preferable to retaining old items that are no longer of use.

People will have household items and furniture from the marriage. Donations can help others and simplify a person’s life. Sentimental items from the marriage can be hard to let go of, but this too can help with moving on and could even be profitable. Jewelry, for example, can have value if it is sold. Marital baubles can inhibit a person from starting over.

Clothing has memories attached to it. There could be vacation clothes that bring back negative thoughts because there was endless dispute that contributed to the marital breakdown. These can be given away or discarded.

Finally, living arrangements will differ from when a couple was married. After a divorce, a single person generally does not need to retain a large house or a multi-bedroom apartment, even if they have children. It is financially unwise to go it alone on a heavy mortgage or costly rent.

Post-divorce plans should be considered carefully

Before downsizing, it is imperative to know how to handle the case itself. That includes being proactive with discussions about property division, and parenting time. Being prepared for every eventuality is key.