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Co-parenting plans for when school resumes

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Child Custody |

When co-parenting during back-to-school season in Michigan, a solid plan is essential. There are myriad things you’ll both have to come to an agreement on during an already stressful time, so it’s not advisable to just play it by ear, no matter how experienced you may be.

Don’t underestimate the back-to-school fever

Going back to school is always a major event. There are new classes, teachers, classmates and friends, not to mention entirely new routines to learn.

This is bound to cause some stress and anxiety. It’s common even in households that don’t have child custody situations to deal with. What might seem like trivial matters to you are a big deal to the kids.

But you can still overcome this hurdle together if you operate as a team. Just because the marriage has ended doesn’t mean you can’t still work together.

You’ll want to nail down certain details to ensure you have all your bases covered. These are the essentials to co-parenting your kids back to school like a pro.

Co-parenting teamwork makes the back-to-school dream work

Make sure you know all the important dates and times, and mark your calendar. Coordinate who is picking up who, and get everything set in stone, whether that’s in writing or digitally.

It’s easier to stay synced up and connected than ever, but still, clear communication is key. Try to be open and friendly and as nonconfrontational as possible to help things go smoothly.

It’s also important for both parents to celebrate their children’s little victories together. This certainly includes outstanding academic accomplishments like good grades, but the same also goes for social and developmental milestones. Kids can get discouraged if their parents don’t express joy and pride in their academic journey, even if it’s rooted in co-parenting problems.