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The challenges of coping with separation or divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Divorce |

Every year, thousands of people in Michigan experience separation and divorce. While the reasons for these situations vary, many individuals find them to be painful and life changing. If this is your situation, you can take steps to mitigate some challenges during divorce and separation.

Allow yourself to feel

In the immediate aftermath of divorce, you may operate at a lower level than before your divorce or separation. Part of coping with your challenges is allowing yourself to feel sad and perform at a less-than-optimal level. This might mean you’re less productive at work or unable to care for the people in your life as you did previously. Most people are not superheroes. They need time to heal and to re-energize.

Explore new interests

Separation and divorce present new opportunities. You can have the chance to reconnect with the things you enjoyed doing before you were married or explore new activities you can now do apart from your ex-partner. Look for classes you can sign up for and take. Invest time in hobbies or volunteer with community organizations.

Help your children

Divorce and separation can be a challenge for children. They need their parents to reassure them and to listen to their concerns. If your children express that they feel like the divorce is their fault, reassure them this is not the case.

You should strive to maintain stability in your children’s lives as much as possible. Now that kids may share time with both parents separately, both you and your ex-partner should try to work together to agree on certain things, like curfew and bedtime. Children should know that they can rely on their parents and that their parents will work hard to keep the promises that they make.

The immediate aftermath of divorce or separation can be highly challenging. Thankfully, with time, life will start to feel normal again. In the interim, take steps to take care of yourself and those you love as you cope with the challenges of divorce and separation.